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Social Studies;5th - Mrs Kathryn Hinrichs

Due Date Assignment Description
3/31/2017 Chapter 8 test Go to Google Classroom
2/7/2017 Chapter test
1/17/2017 Chapter 6 test Go to Google Classroom
12/16/2016 Chapter 5 test Go to Google Classroom
11/18/2016 Chapter 4 test
9/16/2015 Chapter 1 test Quizlet on google Classroom
3/26/2015 Chapter Test Middle Colonies Go to Quizlet to use a s study tool.
11/25/2014 Chapte r2 Test Go to Quizlet to study.
10/9/2014 Chapter 1 Test Go to Mrs Hinrichs webpage and click on Quizlet.
3/31/2014 Chapter 8 test

Please go to Quizlet.

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