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Spelling;1st - Mrs Catherine Roy

Due Date Assignment Description
1/11/2019 Study 14. Test on Friday
1/10/2019 Write 3 sentences for 3 spelling words of your choice from the Lesson 14
11/30/2018 Study lesson 11 words on Spelling City. Test on Friday.
11/27/2018 Worksheet Write spelling words three times each.
11/16/2018 Practice spelling words. Refer to (Lesson 10) Study for test on Friday.
11/14/2018 Worksheet-Write words 3 times each.
11/2/2018 Study spelling words. Refer to 8. Test on Friday.
10/26/2018 Study spelling words-refer to 7. Test on Friday.
10/23/2018 Worksheet Write words three times each.
10/19/2018 Study words-Refer to 6. Test on Friday. Test on Friday.
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