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Ashley Hill - About Me

   My Name is Miss Ashley Hill and I graduated from Assumption College in Worcester, MA. I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Human Services and Rehabilitation with a minor in Education. Some things that I enjoy doing outside of classroom are exercising whether it is running or attending crossfire classes, DIY projects, and enjoying time with my friends and family. 
   I have been a part of the St. Joseph’s school community for 5 years! When I teach I bring my beliefs and values of my catholic education to my Pre-K class. I view school as an extension of the family, which supports the morals and values taught at home. I want to reinforce these family values while using our faith and belief in God. A preschool education plays an essential role in early childhood development, both socially and academically. I want to focus on developing communication skills with my students and hope they become emotional mature and can follow instructions. I also would like to improve my student’s confidence and self esteem, by helping them be able to interact with others in a classroom setting.