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Robert Houle - About Me

Mr. Robert Houle

I grew up in Bristol and am the eldest of 6 children. I attended Bristol Public School until my parents transitioned the family to St. Matthew's School. I attended Bristol Eastern High School, University of New Haven and Tunxis Community College, where I earned an Associate's Degree in Criminology/Law Enforcement, and finally Central Connecticut State University where I earned my B.A. in Psychology, Teacher Certification and a Masters in Mathematics. I served in the U.S. Army for three years as a Military Policeman in California, South Korea and Maryland. Following the service, I returned to civilian life, working in the family printing business and for New Departure/Hyatt, a division of General Motors where I worked as a Labor Relations Specialist. This is my 19th year at St. Joseph School and I've come full circle to my original career goal, as I always aspired to be a teacher. I like to think that my diverse background contributes to my effectiveness as a well-rounded instructor.  

I've been married for 41 years and we have 3 grown sons, all married, pursuing their own careers. We have 4 grandchildren, the eldest in grade 7, two in grade 4 and the youngest in grade 2. We have lots of fun keeping up with them and their diverse interests.   

Personally, I enjoy working outdoors, bike riding, and an occasional game of golf. I love football (New York Giants) and enjoy watching the Boston Red Sox. Each year I coach the Girls' Softball Team at St. Joseph School.  

Are you ready for the 2018-2019 school year? Hopefully summer gave you ample opportunity to refresh, renew and enjoy your family and friends. I had the good fortune of a trip to Italy, where I was able to expand my horizons and gain an appreciation of the ancient world. I learned so much about the accomplishments of the Greeks and Romans, and witnessed first hand the evidence of man's ingenuity through the relics, ruins and artifacts. The highlight of our trip was the Vatican and St. Peter's, the home of Roman Catholicism. Our eldest son and I were able to climb the inner dome and partake in the view of St. Peter's Square from a bird's perspective - a breathtaking and inspirational experience. As we traversed the sites, the life of Christ was inextricably woven into the history of Rome, Florence and Venice. There was a constant reference to BC (Before Christ) and AD (After Death) acknowledging the impact of Jesus Christ through the ages. I hope others have the opportunity to experience these wonders one day.   

As we celebrate St. Joseph's 115th year as a school, I look forward to greeting the parents and students as we embark upon another school year. As we work together, I am striving for a positive, productive and enjoyable school experience for both students and parents. As the math instructor, you will find that my expectations are structured due to the nature of the subject. 

The overall objective of a Catholic School education is to nurture students with the moral fiber that is so critical as they take on the responsibilities of young adults. A strong spiritual and academic foundation fosters this outcome.

Robert Houle