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Mrs. Catherine Roy

St. Joseph School

     First Grade is often thought of as being one of the most important grades in a child's life! This is where the foundation is set for students to become successful learners. Work habits are developed that will impact a child's progress in the future years. Grade One skills are developed by doing hands-on, fun-filled activities in the following subjects: Reading, Math, Phonics, Spelling, Written and Oral Language, Penmanship, Science, Health and Social Studies. Guided Reading is being incorporated into a designated "Reading Block" to ensure each child is reaching his/her potential. The Guided Reading groups will help to meet the needs of every learner while stengthening comprehension skills, fluency, and critical thinking. Students will learn strategies that engage young students and make them active readers and writers. The children are taught academically, spiritually and socially. It's so important for children to love God and one another! Religion is taught daily and across the curriculum!






Thursday-Computers & Music



Model the teachings of Jesus

Read & comprehend a variety of print/genres

Decode/encode words

Work towards proficiency in writing

Master addition and subtraction facts to 20

Use operations to solve problems

Count coins and tell time

Increase natural curiosity about the world

Practice healthy behaviors

Demonstrate respect for all people

Use technology to aid learning activities

Develop study skills and good work habits



Attending Mass with their 8th Grade Guardian Angels!

Weekly Spelling Tests!

Storytown Reading Series/Literacy Program!

Book Reports!

Pets and Caring Kids Program

Science lessons in the Science Lab!

In class visit from a Dental Hygienist!

Fire Station field trip in October!

Ruwet Farm field trip!

Frequent use of SMART board!

"Green Eggs and Ham" Breakfast for Read Across America Day!

Subscriptions to Scholastic News/Weekly Reader and Science Spin Magazines!