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 Welcome to St. Joseph School!
Our Mission:   The mission of St. Joseph School is to provide the highest quality of spiritual and academic education in order to meet life’s challenges by developing integrity, respectfulness and resourcefulness in a faith filled environment
As a graduate of St. Joseph School and now the principal, I can confidently say we live our mission statement each and every day. Our students are given the opportunities to develop, learn and practice the skills required to live up to their full potential. With a strong faith foundation, best practice educational strategies, and a dedicated staff and Parish community, we work every day to challenge our students and help them become active, faithful, and contributing members of society.
I would like to thank all of school family volunteers who dedicate their time, talents, and resources to our students and our school.  A school is as strong as its invested parties.  Together, we can positively impact the lives of our students and our presence in the greater Bristol community.  I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work with you to give our students every opportunity to grow, learn, and believe.
Principal's Letter for October 2017

If you enjoy living in New England, you probably love fall.  I certainly do.  As a kid, having your birthday in early October really kicked off a fun time of year.  Your birthday seemed to be the first “major” event of a wonderful season, concluding with Christmas.  Fall colors, Halloween, Thanksgiving, pumpkins, cider, apple picking, etc.  Go on any major highway north of I-84 and you’ll see the bus loads of people who come from all over the world to see fall in New England.

The unique thing about New England though, at least for me, is that each season seems to be my favorite when I stop and think about it. Or at least in the beginning. Fall is great (as we’ve already established), however the first snow of winter and the sound of snow falling in the woods (yes, there’s a sound) is something that I do look forward to. But by our 43rd snow fall of the season in early April, when the first buds start to spring out of the ground, I look forward to spring, Easter eggs, and May flowers. And lastly, summer comes, worries are set aside, and the long days couldn’t be any better. But every year, that first cool night in mid-August gets me itching for fall again. It is like clockwork. The trick with New England, I think, is that each season is just long enough for us to miss it, fully appreciate it, and be glad it’s over year after year.

I think that’s God’s plan. Not just with seasons, but with life too. He gives us variation: good times and “not-so-good” times. He gives us ups and downs. Why? I doubt he’s sitting up there laughing at us while we wallow in confusion, frustration, and uncertainty. I like to think he does it to keep us fresh. We can’t appreciate the good unless we’ve tasted the bad. We also can’t motivate ourselves out of the “downs” unless we know where to find the “ups” from a previous experience. The low points in life serve their purpose, as do the highs.

A wise friend once gave me advice shortly after I became a father for the first time. “This, too, shall pass.” During the sleepless nights and endless poopy diapers, it helped me know that this was just a phase. The advice also kept me grounded when he started sleeping six hours straight. Sleep regression is real and was coming for him. During changing times and the endless progression of seasons, I think God is trying to remind us to take it in and learn from each moment, for good or for worse. Right when we think we’ve “nailed it”, the leaves will start to fall and we know winter is coming. Don’t panic…we’ve been here before. It’s good to remember that spring is waiting on the other side. So for now, I’m going to have a cup of hot cider and take this in.


Eric Frenette
St. Joseph School