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Bloomz Login Information

Bloomz will be used to post announcements and important information, students work, pictures, and sign-ups for parent teacher conferences.

Class Code: AA56VR

Student Expectations

In fifth grade, my goal is to prepare the students in my class for middle school. I will work closely to collaborate with the middle school teachers to meet the high expectations. The students are expected to be responsible for their assignment books/planners. The students will record their homework as written on the homework board each day. Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. Spelling and Vocabulary Tests will be given every Friday. The students will also be responsible for having their tests signed and returned by parents/guardians. This is to ensure that the students tests are being shared with the parents throughout the school year. The students will be expected to use pen while completing work in the classroom, pencil will be used when completing math work! I am also willing to provide Extra Help to the students that need it, whether before or after school hours. In addition to the student’s daily homework, the students will also be completing a weekly reading log to be handed in with homework each week. The reading log will be due every Friday.

Classroom Management/Behaviors

I believe that open communication between teachers, students and families is important to the students’ growth and development in school. I also promote PBIS, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support. The students can earn PBIS on Friday afternoons. The students will also be provided with a punch chard for behavior in the classroom.

Subjects to be covered in fifth grade

Religion: The focus of the fifth grade religion curriculum helps to enhance our connection to the Catholic Church, and to strengthen our relationship with God. Lessons begin with a story and prayer and focus on following in Jesus’ footsteps. Students are encouraged to respond to the lessons in a journal, or with a partner. The fifth grade religion curriculum focuses on the life of Jesus and the seven sacraments. Students participate in mini skills and activities to reinforce concepts taught. A chapter test assesses concepts learned at the end of each chapter.

STEAM, STEAM, STREAM: STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four scientific disciplines-science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. STREAM promotes science, technology, religion, engineering, arts, and math-that’s STREAM in Catholic Schools.

Coding/Robotics: Written instructions that a robot or computer program can read and then execute. Students must determine the task they want to complete through a robot, design the code to make it happen, and then send it to the robot to view the outcome.

Reading: Students read from the textbook, Journeys. Each week, students read a new anchor text, and a shorter story that supports the theme of the anchor text. The anchor texts include many types of fiction and non-fiction genres. The supporting texts are plays, poems, narratives, and informational pieces. Students are given the opportunity to work alone, as a whole class, in small groups, and with a partner. Instruction is differentiated by using leveled readers. Chapter books are read throughout the school year. These books are chosen to enhance the topics covered in fifth grade curriculum. Students complete graphic organizers and readers response questions for each story for nonfiction and fiction stories. Each chapter book or story read is accompanies by a weekly spelling and vocabulary list.

Mathematics: The fifth grade math curriculum includes daily morning meeting practice, note taking, and problem solving strategies. The Progress in Mathematics text series is a program that builds upon prior math skills learned in fourth grade. Students extend their learning through skill developing lesson centers, the use of math manipulatives and small group problem solving and discussions. Each unit in mathematics builds on the previous unit of study. Fifth grade mathematics include units of study of fractions, order of operations, basic algebra, metrics, spatial sense, graphing, and probability using interactive prompts and problem solving that relate to real-life situations. A pre-test, post-test and check your progress assess the students understanding of the math concepts learned. The students are given a math practice worksheet for morning meeting each morning. The students work independently on the select number of math problems and check their work with their classmates during math time.

Social Studies: The fifth grade social studies curriculum begins with geography and the Native Americans. The curriculum covers European explorers, thirteen colonies and progresses to the American Revolution. Students work on several projects in social studies, including models, power points, essays, and presentations. Students are given the opportunity to work alone, with a partner, or in small groups depending on the activity. Practice pages and a chapter test at the end of the chapter will be assessed.

Science: The fifth grade science curriculum will describe how organisms are structured to ensure efficiency and survival, to determine what the role of energy is in our world, to describe how the position of Earth in the solar system affects conditions on our planet and to describe the monthly changes in the appearance of the moon based on the moons orbit around the Earth.