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Jodie Jandreau Web Pages

 Grades 6-8 Subjects taught
  • Literature:  Students read a variety of genres in textbook, Scope magazine and novels.  Students respond in writing to fiction and non-fiction selections.  Writing purposes include: narrative, informative, argument, literary analysis (paragraphs, essays, Prezi and PowerPoint presentations)
  • Language Arts:  Students learn conventions of Standard English grammar, usage, capitalization, punctuation,  and spelling.  Students learn writing process 
  • American History (grade 8 only):   Reconstruction through Present Day -Supplements include: primary sources, novels, Junior Scholastic magazine, CNN Student News.  Students create and present Immigration Projects, Prezis and PowerPoint presentations for the Depression, Holocaust and Civil Rights.  Students write essays regularly.
  • Religion (grade 8 only) Students host Senior Lunch monthly

Please note: 
Homework listed under "Homework Info" may not be accurate due to changes in the pace of a lesson planned. Students have planners and are held responsible for recording assignments daily. You may email me with questions.
I email parents regularly with updates about major projects and special update notices.